Step 1: Let Yourself Dream

Here’s a little exercise to help you decide on the kind of activities you want to use your garden for and the different spaces you need. You’re not designing the garden yet, just describing what you envision yourself using it for and listing the space appropriate for that activity. We have listing examples on the side that you can use as a guideline.

Our ExampleYours
A reading nook/Somewhere to read-A recliner-Swing chair-Hammock 
BBQ with friends or family-Built-in BBQ stand-Tiled BBQ area for a portable stand
Growing vegetables-a tiny greenhouse 
Outside lunches, brunches, dinners-an outside dining table-a picnic table-a seating area
Conversations around a fire pit-outside seats-a fireplace
Playing games (for the children), ball games, jumping, water games-sand pit-swing sets -lawn-trampoline with protective netting
Appreciating beauty/flowers-a flower centrepiece-dedicated corners