Our Garden Design Process


In our collaborative process, you, the client, are involved at every step. We will ensure that all your needs are met during the design process.


We approach each project from a totally different perspective and produce one-of-a-kind designs that work perfectly for you.


Our ultimate goal is to help my clients see the potential in their backyard and empower them to create a space that brings them joy.

Step 1

Understanding Your Needs, Wants & Define Your Style

We approach each project with an open mind and a blank slate. We begin by listening to your needs and desires for your space and how you would like the space to feel when it’s completed. Your must-haves, your deal-breakers and the overall vibe you are going for? Our goal is to help my clients articulate their needs and wants for their gardens and to capture their ideas. Our role is then to help them organise their ideas in a way that can be understood by others.

understanding your needs - garden design

Step 2

We Take An Inventory And Site Survey Of Your Space

As part of my analysis, We examine the site thoroughly. Measure & take note of what is already in place. In addition, we record the sun pattern, soil type, the level of the garden, and the overall microclimate. By combining these two pieces of information, we create a scale drawing and a detailed analysis document that reflects all conditions on-site.

Step 3

Design Concepts, Prepare A Masterplan

By using sketches and 2D drawings, we create conceptual designs that help you outline your entire garden plan. We create a garden master plan for you. It can be used to gather quotes from landscapers or to get buy-in from family and friends.

Step 4

Visualise Your Future Garden

Using high-end 3D visualisations, We show you what your future garden might look like. This way, you can see what the finished space looks like and make any necessary changes before the landscaping process begins.

Step 5

Construction Drawings, Materials list & Estimate Costings

We draw construction drawing plans, provide a materials list and help you get up to three competitive quotes from landscapers. Finally, we hand the project over to your chosen landscaper.

sample costings for new garden

Step 6

Site Supervision & Project Management

We then provide a site supervision service as and when requested to ensure that your project is going to plan and as expected.

garden site visit