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Need some direction, or just some inspiration. Get immediate answers to your questions by booking a garden consultation by video call with Simon (30 minutes).

Location isn’t an issue. You can share the designs you have come up with, get some expert help and discuss how to best utilise your space.

In that call we

  • Look at your ideas
  • Brainstorm improvement
  • Solidify your design
  • Develop your concept
  • Get advice on how to bring it under budget
  • I answer any question you may have about the process

A few things to make clear

  • I have a background is in architecture and I studied & practised as an architect in London for a good number of years before starting a new career in technology.
  • My role is to simply help you with practical advice to help you sharpen your ideas and turn what you have into what you want (within your set budget)

If that all makes sense and you are still keen to go ahead,

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